Tim Duggan

Tim Duggan



Tim Duggan is a consultant that specializes in leadership assessment and development, especially within large multi-national organizations. He joined RAC Leadership in 2013 and plays a critical role in the firm’s use of insight and personality tools including 360-degree surveys and the Hogan Leadership Suite.

Over the course of his 25-year career in various management and entrepreneurial roles, Tim has led teams and run strategy in various industries and in organizations of all sizes. Leveraging his experiences with different leadership challenges and successes, he has become a valued contributor at RAC while offering insight on assessment, coaching, and client relations. Tim has a specific passion for working with high potential candidates as they form and articulate their leadership styles.

As a coach, Tim is specifically interested in helping leaders navigate organizational challenges as well as their personal development, with an understanding that the best leadership happens when an individual finds alignment with the entire context of the people and structures that surround them.

Tim holds a master’s degree and PhD in Organizational Development and Change from Fielding Graduate University. His doctoral work explores the strategies used by successful women leaders as they operate in functions or organizations where they have been traditionally underrepresented.

When not working with clients, Tim can often be found reading voraciously, chasing his youngest daughter around, or attempting some sort of quixotic undertaking in the kitchen.