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Please rank the following meeting components in order of their importance for an effective meeting.

Most important at the top
  • Establishing a clear meeting goal or objective
  • Emailing prep information to the team beforehand
  • Having the right technology tools
  • Inviting only relevant participants
  • Limiting the size of the group
  • Defining meeting roles ahead of time
  • Sending a recap email or meeting summary
  • Collecting feedback/auditing recurring meetings
  • Scheduling the right amount of time for the meeting (neither too much nor too little)
  • Using meetings for collaboration and decision making rather than reporting and information sharing
  • Holding steadfast to the agenda versus flexing during the meeting
  • Fostering a culture of psychological safety
  • Insertion of humor
  • Scheduling space for more fluid discussions
  • Using the ‘parking lot’ concept or other facilitation techniques
  • Having a focused close
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